January 22, 1749

1749 January 22 (Sunday).  Read Genesis 18 and gave some Extracts from Mr. Ainsworth[1] and some Observations of my own for an Exposition.  Preached on John 12.26.  Mr. Upham[2] and Dodge[3] from College din’d here.  P.M. read Mat. 18 with some brief observations, and preached from 2 Pet. 1.5.6.  The former part too unprepar’d, the body of the Discourse was from sermon on Titus 2.12 — add to their Knowledge of Temperance, from page 55 to 68.  Because of what I had lately heard of some persons being overtaken with Drink, and some of them members of the Church.

[1]Henry Ainsworth (d. 1622) was a prominent non-conformist minister who belonged to the Brownists.  He wrote many works which were published in England.

[2]Caleb Upham (Harvard 1744).

[3]Ezekiel Dodge (Harvard 1749).