January 17, 1749

1749 January 17 (Tuesday).  Mr. David Woodwell here on his Return from Deerfield to Hopkinton.  He tells us that last week dy’d Mr. Benjamin Doolittle[1] the pastor of Northfield.  Many Southern Neighbours came to Cutt and Sled wood for me.  My Son Thomas went also with my own Team.  The Company were Mr. Samuel Harrington with a Team, Mr. Timothy Warrin and Team, Benjamin Tainter (for his Brother Jonathan Forbush — but) with his Fathers Team, Mr. Growe, Mr. Bowman, Mr. Daniel Hardy, Mr. Phinehas Hardy, Mr. Zebulon Rice, Messrs. Solomon Woods, Jonas Child, Samuel Baker, Eleazer Williams, besides which were Robert Cook, Nathaniel Whitney junior, Joseph Grout, Judah Rice, Thomas Hardy, and Samuel Bumpso.  And they got down 34 Load to the Door.  Sorrowful News of the Death of Mr. Daniel Cooks son, at Newton, his only Child, who was here not long since with his designed Father in Law, Reverend Mr. Cotton.  My wife continually in much pain particularly in her Side: but especially o’Nights — I fear the Event.  The Lord be pleas’d to prepare us for his holy Will!

[1](Yale 1716).  The minister of Northfield, 1717-1748.  Dexter, Biographical Sketches, pp. 151-154.