January 16, 1749

1749 January 16 (Monday).  Master Uphams Father here.  Sudden News from Dr. Gott, by Sir Henchman that Sally must go home.  Mr. Cushing[1] and his wife to See us, and din’d here.  P.M. Sally return’d with Henchman, to our great Disappointment.  At Eve came Mr. Stone who had visited Mr. Martyn.  N.B. Deacon Newton was with me to count the money gather’d yesterday and it amounted to a few Shillings above 20£ old Tenor.  The Precinct had a Meeting to appoint a Committee to treat with Lieutenant Brigham, the proprietor of the Land which they have voted the Convenientest Spot for a Meeting House.[2]

[1]The Reverend Job Cushing of Shrewsbury.

[2]In Dec., 1748, the first precinct appropriated £600, old tenor for the construction of the new meeting house.  In Jan., 1749, a piece of land five rods long and eight wide, near the present center of Westborough, was purchased from Nathan Brigham of Southborough.  DeForest and Bates, Westborough, p. 133.