January 10, 1749

1749 January 10 (Tuesday).  Difficulty to get grinding.  Thomas to old Mr. Johnson’s mill, but brought nothing home.  P.M. came Mr. Joseph Williams from Marlborough in a Disquietment about Thomas — in Special his being at Uriah Amsdens (where he had contracted acquaintance by means of the womans being a Westborough woman) after he had forbid him.  And nothing would Satisfie with him or Thomas but throwing up the Indentures, which after much Debate therefore We did.  Thomas acknowledging his Fault in using Amsdens House against his (his masters) will: and his not coming home from Horns of Southborough (at the Time of the late trooping there) along with Silas (his fellow ‘prentice) but riding home with Said Amsden — and some other Indiscretions — and Williams acknowledged he had not done well in speaking to Thomme’s Disparagement undervaluing his Time, and was sorry that in his passion he should Express himself So.  This is a New Affliction, but tis unavoidable.  I desire to acknowledge the hand of God in it, and Submitt to His holy will.  O that God would grant Repentence and forgiveness for what has been amiss!