January 4, 1749

1749 January 4 (Wednesday).  The Morning was Somewhat snowy, but Elijah Bellows according to appointment came to go with Ebenezer to Harvard to bring back the Horse.  And therefore my son went Scil. to Mr. William Keyes’s to learn what he can of the Gunsmiths Business.  And God most merciful be gracious to him and be the Guide of his Youth!  Mr. Joseph Roberts[1] from Boston, a young preacher at Grafton (accompany’d by Mr. Simon Tainter of Grafton) came to see me — din’d with us, and tarry’d over Night (Mr. Tainter going to his Father Bruce’s).[2]  Elijah Warrin return’d safe with the Horses from Harvard.

[1]Joseph Roberts (Harvard 1741), a schoolmaster of Weston and the minister of Leicester, 1754-1762.  Sibley, XI, 65-68.

[2]Tainter had married Mary, the daughter of Lieutenant Abijah Bruce of Westborough.