January 1, 1749

1749 January 1 (Sunday).  Blessed be the Lord who continually upholds my Soul in Life and especially has conducted me through the changing Scenes of the Last Year — has granted me also to see Chearful Light of another New Years Day!  that we have also the Day of Grace and the means thereof, at the Same Time; and that we have another of the Days of the son of Man!  How undeserv’d!  how discriminating His Mercy and Bounty!  This forenoon I read publickly the 16th chapter of Genesis: and preach’d on Neh. 9.6, using the Body of the Sermon I formerly deliver’d on that Text, but had both a new introduction and an application for Improvement of the Day.  Mr. Joseph Stratton of Waltham din’d with us.  P.M. I read Mat. 16, preach’d on Ps. 17, ult carrying on the Subject of the Happiness of the Saints in Heaven.  May God grant to us the principle of Holiness and divine Love here, which shall be in Such Glory in the future World!  The Weather is grown very Cold.  The Snow hard enough for people to run upon.  God only can Sustain us, for who can Stand before his Cold.