December 29, 1748

1748 December 29 (Thursday).  Wrote a brief answer to Mr. Upham.  P.M. Deacon Newton came and we reckon’d and I paid all and his son Silas’s account likewise by a Note to the Collector Mr. Daniel Hardy.  N.B. Mr. Caryl from Hopkinton here to see whether we had done anything in Contributing for the Redemption of his Brother Woodwell’s Daughter out of Captivity — whereas this was one part of Deacon Newtons Business with me, to acquaint me that the Deacons and Committee of the Precinct did advise to my publickly proposing it, to our Congregation next Sabbath.  I was sorry we were so late; for other Congregations round about had collected already, and they now (who were concern’d) were receiving it, that our Bills may be Exchang’d into Silver.  This afternoon it began to snow there having been no Snow, if to cover the Ground, yet not to lye this Year till now.  At Night the storm increas’d.