December 28, 1748

1748 December 28 (Wednesday).  I visited Lucy Pratt (heretofore Whipple) in her Mourning for the Loss of her husband Moses Pratt at Hardwick.  I was also at Mr. Eleazer Bellows’s, at Mr. Daniel Warrins in Shrewsbury; and at Mr. Crosbys; Deacon Miles’s,[1] and din’d there.  At Mr. Joseph Miles’s[2] to bespeak the making a Cart; went over to Mr. Benjamin Willards at Grafton and bespoke Joshua Winchester[3] to come and live with me next season — was at his Fathers — from thence went to Mr. Nathaniel Whitneys to see his son Olivers, who was lately hurt by a Tree.  At my Returning home in the Eve, receiv’d a Letter from Mr. Upham inclosing a piece of Poetry which he stiles the Choice.  N.B. our people begin to stir in getting Timber for a Meeting House.

[1]Samuel Miles of Shrewsbury.

[2]A brother of Deacon Miles.

[3]The son of Benjamin Winchester of Grafton.