September 28, 1748

1748 September 28 (Wednesday).  Visited Mrs. Warrin, who tis hopeful is on the Recovery; as is Jonathan likewise: but Nahum was in great Extremeity and Nigh his End when I went there.  I pray’d with them — and after some solemn and Serious Discourse took leave: but before I mounted, word came out that Nahum was just gone.  I went in again, and saw him give up the Ghost.  N.B. Mr. Jonas Warrins Exhortation and Admonition to me, as God was now taking away both Sheep and Lambs out of my Flock.  I took it kindly — thank’d him, and do pray God to bless it to me.  N.B. The Same Mr. Warrin deliver’d to me the request of the people in Upton to go over and preach to them, at such Time as I could best attend it.  Soon after I came home Mr. Abraham Williams[1] came with a Packet from New Haven — containing besides the Commencement Papers, a Letter from Mrs. Pierpoint[2] and therewith a silver Snuff Box, the gift of Mrs. Pierpoint to my Daughter Sarah.  On the Said Box were engraven the Arms of the Pierpoints with that instructive and quickening motto PIE REPONE TE, which is the Same as are worn by the Duke of Kinstone.  May God reward her abundantly in Spiritual Blessings from all her Love to me and mine!  He left us, though it rain’d, to go to Marlborough.

[1]Abraham Williams, Jr., of Marlborough.

[2]Mrs. James Pierpont of New Haven.