September 27, 1748

1748 September 27 (Tuesday).  Mr. Barns[1] here, and I took the Opportunity to go down with him to that part of the Meadow east of my Improvements — and it being the most unprofitable (not worth mowing), but within my Fence, and what old Mr. Barns in his Life Time had consented in presence of Witnesses Should be my property, and settled it so by the Bound-mark on the Nole Close by it, Yet inasmuch as the Said old Mr. Barns mention’d Bounds up as far as the Corner of my Field, I told his son that for the Ease of my own Mind I would give him Ten Shillings as a Consideration for that Land which would be included within even that Line which a Bound from thence (From a Tree near the Corner of my Field) would include — Notwithstanding that the Affair was all wholly settled as aforesaid by old Mr. Barns in the presence of Witnesses, and he could have no Demand at all upon me.  But then he should not oblige me to run the Fence from the marked Tree upon the Nole to the North East Corner, on the Side of the Ridge and in the hollow, as a Straight Line would carry it, but Should allow me to make my Fence on the Top of the Rigdge [sic], though it be Somewhat rounding, but it would be so much better for both him and me.  To all which Things he freely consented, and I accordingly gave him the Ten Shillings.  N.B. Mr. Martyn here in his way to Grafton Church Meeting, in which tis propos’d to suspend some of the Separatists.  My Daughters Molly and Lucy went over to Mr. Martyns.  Ebenezer gathering Winter apples.  Mr. Mede here.  Mr. Martyn here at night.  He informs me the Church in Grafton have passed a Vote to suspend 24 members (Men and Women) and appointed a Fast.  N.B. Troopers entertain’d this Evening at Mr. Benjamin Hows in this Town.  Mr. Martyn told me the Church of Grafton had appointed a Fast, and desir’d my Assistance with others.

[1]Richard Barnes.