September 14, 1748

1748 September 14 (Wednesday).  My Wife and I rode over to Mrs. Wheelers burying.  We first went to Mr. Martyns, and din’d there.  Mr. Martyn rode with us to the House of Mourning.  Though I was ask’d to pray on that occasion yet I repeatedly desir’d Mr. Martyn to perform it in my Stead but he as often refus’d.  Tis a very desolate House and the Hand of God is observable!  In how short a Time, from remarkable prosperity, to this sorrowful Desolation!  God grant the surviving Children and all of us to see what the Great God has done.  Rain at mounting to return.  Mr. Batheric came to work but was soon call’d off to make a Coffin for Mrs. Amsden.