September 13, 1748

1748 September 13 (Tuesday).  In the morning at Captain Maynards.  Mr. James Eager came to inform me that Mrs. Wheeler[1] dy’d last Night and I was desir’d to attend the Funeral tomorrow.  My Wife and I to Captain Warrins burying.  While we were at the House of Mourning Message from Mrs. Amsden that she was near her End.  After prayer and the Corps moving out to go to the Grave I went down to Mr. Amsdens — and pray’d there she being exceeding low.  Return’d and met the Mourners as they were on the Road home.  Left ‘em the solemn Charge of David to Solomon 1 Chron. 28.9.  Visited Mrs. Rogers and pray’d with them.  Sarah Henry at work on a Coat for Ebenezer.

[1]The widow of Joseph Wheeler.