September 8, 1748

1748 September 8 (Thursday).  Mr. Davis of Holden being by providence among us, pray’d in the morning.  The Weight of forming the Result was thrown upon Me.  I retir’d and (with some assistance in one sentence from Mr. Hall, and in the Exhortation from Mr. Martyn) I drew it up.  It was voted unanimously.  Mr. Loring preach’d a Lecture on Mat. 5.4, and after Lecture I publish’d the Result to the Congregation.  The Church stop’d and voted their acceptance of the Result about 4 or 6 Dissenting.  But Deacon Merriam voted.  After dining we Dissolv’d and Return’d home.  At home found my wife and daughter Lucy from Cambridge together with Brother and Sister Hicks[1] who came from thence with them and they lodg’d here.

[1]Mr. and Mrs. John Hicks of Sutton.