September 6, 1748

1748 September 6 (Tuesday).  Waited some Time for Mr. Martyn, but at Length I went without him.  Deacon Newton[1] and Brother Nathaniel Whitney, from Mr. Grouts accompany’d me to Grafton, we being warned to Meet there to sit in Council upon their affairs, by adjournment.  Mr. Loring (who is Moderator) came, but brought no messenger.  Mr. Goddard[2] of Leicester came not, nor any Delegate, so that we did not sit as a Council.  We neither acted, nor dissolv’d.  But the Church of Grafton had, by vote, desir’d several Neighbouring Ministers to come and join with the Elders of the Council to hear their Affairs.  We therefore had the Church together and Reverend Messrs. Martyn, Hall of Sutton, and Eaton[3] of Leicester being with us we formed, and Chose Mr. Loring Moderator, and the same meet to choose their Clerk — and the Church was adjourn’d to tomorrow 9 a.m. to the Meeting House.

[1]Josiah Newton of Westborough.

[2]The Reverend Mr. David Goddard.

[3]The Reverend Mr. Joshua Eaton of Spencer.