September 5, 1748

1748 September 5 (Monday).  Fine Showers again last Night, and rain’d Plentifully this morning.  Blessed be God who has permitted me to finish my 45th Year and to see the Light of this Morning.  Vide Natalitia.  [The following is recorded in the Natalitia for September 5, 1748.]  I observ’d this Day (in some Measure) religiously — by retiring and going through (in a broken imperfect manner) various acts of Devotion, viz. Praise and Thanksgiving, Confession, Petition, Resignation etc.  Besides what respected my Self, my Family and my people, there was a great and important Affair which I had to Spread before the Lord this Day; Scil. The Sitting of the Council at Grafton tomorrow; their Affairs being very peculiarly Difficult, and lying much upon my Heart, as I have been unavoidably oblig’d to have their Matters with me from Time to Time.  The Lord therefore be pleased to prepare my Heart, and all the Council, and grant to us all, Such Wisdom and Direction as We need! point out what their Case and the present State thereof is; and Shew us what is best Method for the Church thence to take both with respect to the Separation, and with regard to their Re-settlement of the Gospel Ministry among them.  May God be pleas’d to impart to us what to Say to them And incline and dispose their Hearts to receive it and conform to it!  That so there may be some happy Event of the Councils Meeting at this Time!