August 22, 1748

1748 August 22 (Monday).  In returning from Sutton I first visited Captain Robert Goddard[1] — had Mr. John Hollands Company to Worcester.  I carry’d home Mr. Hedge’s Henry, the Volume on Evangelists and Acts[2] — but Mr. Hedge not at home.  Visited Mr. Maccarty — din’d at Dr. Brecks.[3]  My Studdy Lock to Johnsons to mend the Key.  At Colonel Chandlers.[4]  And at Shrewsbury was at Mr. Edward Goddards for Cheese, at Dr. Smith’s[5] — where was Mr. Cushing Cornet Hayward and Mr. Jonathan Green.  Heard that My Daughter Molly accompany’d by Mr. Wellman had been at Colonel Wards and with Mrs. Patty,[6] was gone to Mr. Morse’s.  But they return’s at Night.

[1]He lived in that part of Sutton that became Millbury.

[2]One of the works of Matthew Henry (1662-1714), the English nonconformist minister.

[3]Samuel Breck, the physician of Worcester.

[4]John Chandler, Jr., the prominent office-holder of Worcester.

[5]Joshua Smith, the physician of Shrewsbury.

[6]The daughter of Colonel Nahum Ward of Shrewsbury.