August 21, 1748

1748 August 21 (Sunday).  I preach’d at Sutton on 2 Cor. 11.3, a. and p.m.  Din’d at Captain Carters, but after Meetings I repaired to my Kinsmans Mr. Jonathan Fuller, and Supp’d at my Cousen Samuel Trasks.  N.B. Mr. Fullers Daughter Moreton and her Daughter Moreton, also there — and was exceeding glad to see a woman of whom I had heard so much: Mrs. Moreton being the person Mr. Clark[1] of Salem Village wrote his printed Letters about Infant Baptism to.  I lodg’d at Captain Carters.

[1]The Reverend Mr. Peter Clark of Danvers had published The Scripture-Grounds of the Baptism of Christian Infants (Boston, 1735).