August 17, 1748

1748 August 17 (Wednesday).  Mr. Harrington[1] (who has received a Call from Lancaster) preach’d the public Lecture on Mat. 12.26.  Every idle word etc.  Mr. Maccarty came when meeting was ended.  Mr. Frinks papers were read according to his request last night before he went away.  At Mr. Davis’s before Dinner came upon the Table, Opportunity was taken to talk with Mr. Mellen; during which Time Mr. Maccarty and Mr. Harrington were desired to be in the other Room — but Mr. Maccarty was highly affronted.  Pursuant to our above Report the Association agreed to set about the Reading the Scriptures in Public — and to begin a Course of Fasts next April.  I return’d home.  Abraham Batchellor sick.  Mrs. Patty Ward and Mrs. Molly Martyn[2] here.

[1]The Reverend Mr. Timothy Harrington (Harvard 1737) had been the minister of Lower Ashuelot (Swansey, N. H.), 1741-1748.  He served Lancaster, 1748-1795.  Sibley, X, 188-195.

[2]The daughter of the Reverend John Martyn of the north precinct.