August 16, 1748

1748 August 16 (Tuesday).  Early I visited old Mr. Rogers.  Then proceeded to Ministers meeting at Holden.  N.B. overtook Mr. Reed[1] of Framingham and Mr. Ebenezer Goddard[2] with him.  At Mr. Davis’s there was Mr. Frink,[3] who wanted we should read his papers — but our Affair of the Report of the Committee to the Quarter: about Degeneracy took up our Time after we had heard Mr. Mellen’s[4] Concio from Rom. 9.15 (which Exercise of his disgusted the most if not every one that heard it) and the Collections.  The Several Articles of said Report were come into beyond Expectation — and all but Mr. Mellen consented to ‘em as they now stand.

[1]The Reverend Mr. Solomon Reed of Framingham.

[2]The son of Edward Goddard, a prominent citizen of Framingham.

[3]The Reverend Mr. Thomas Frink had been the minister of Rutland and Plymouth (Third Church).  At this time he was living in Marlborough.  In 1753 he was made the minister of Rutland District which later became the town of Barre.

[4]The Reverend Mr. John Mellen of Sterling.