August 7, 1748

1748 August 7 (Sunday).  A.M. on Mat. 15.15 to 20th.  I Spake to the Congregation to take some more special Care to prevent Disorders at Noon Time and in returning home at Evening that the Sabbath might not be profaned especially by young people; and that in particular Injury might not be done in thy Neighbourhood.  If there was any Tithing Men present I recommended it to Such in a peculiar Manner, Their having been complain one Time after another.  Mrs. Child (Jonas’s wife) din’d here.  P.M. on Prov. 22.6.  The former part of the Sermon without writing, the rest partly from sermon on Eph. 6.4, page 5 to 11, adding the Applicatory Heads in page 32.