March 29, 1748

1748 March 29 (Tuesday).  A very fair warm pleasant Day.  In the morning I assisted Ebenezer in sledding down several Load of wood and conceive that such a stirring myself might be useful to me under my present Indispositions.  N.B. Mr. Ephraim Sherman here and told me he was going over to Mr. Martyn where a subscription which I reckoned up to be £45 15/ Old Tenor for the printing his sermon on October 25 last.  Jacob Garfield here to be examined in order to his receiving Holy Baptism.  N.B. I received an admonitory letter from the Reverend Mr. Stone of my mistaking the time of the Committee of ministers meeting at his house which I conceive was to be on the 16th but was on the 9th and a new appointment made to meet at Mr. Smiths on Association morning at 8 o’clock.