March 16, 1748

1748 March 16 (Wednesday).  It had hailed and snowed in the night.  I attended morning Prayers in the Chappell.  Broke fast with Mr. Hancock.  Dr. Breck[1] came there and was going to Boston.  I had his company.  N.B. His account of a late difference between him and Mr. Maccarty: which led me to resent his whispering to Mr. Abraham Williams what had passed between Mr. Campbell[2] and me about him — the grand Haretick Williams whereas I had reference to what he personated at commencement.  I visited Dr. Parkman in his affliction — his wife remaining in a very languishing condition.  Dined at my eldest Brothers.  Visited Sister Willard,[3] and my newly widowed Sister Beckky and my bereaved niece Esther.  Lodged there.  N.B. Mr. Edward Brattle Oliver[4] there.  N.B. Kept my Horse there.

[1]Samuel Breck, the physician of Worcester.

[2]The Reverend Mr. John Campbell of Oxford.

[3]Parkman’s sister, Susanna, the widow of Captain Josiah Willard.

[4]Parkman’s niece, Esther, married Oliver later in the year.