March 8, 1748

1748 March 8 (Tuesday).  I walked out in the Morning on the Snow to visit divers of my Neighbours — was in at Mr. David Maynard, Junior’s, at Mr. Eliezer Rice’s, where I tarried some time.  At Mr. Jonathan Whipple’s, but most of them were from Home.  At Mr. Stephen Fay’s (which was a main End of my going Out).  N.B. His Dissatisfaction with Sallerys and Rates: At Mr. Samuel Bakers: Called at Merchant Rice’s (he having newly been to Mr. Fleet[1] for me about my news) — At Deacon Newton’s who told me that they did not read to the Town the paper which old Mr. Whipple carried from me to them on the 7th, but they acknowledged it to be the Drift of what I had said — and it was in the Clerks hands.  I went to see Moses Nurse who was in a weak and feeble condition and ‘tis feared consumptive.  N.B. The Day was so bright and pleasant and the sun so warm that I had bad slumping in the snow some times.

[1]Thomas Fleet, the printer of the Boston Evening-Post.