August 20, 1747

1747 August 20 (Thursday).  In the morning I rode over to see Deacon Forbush and his Daughter in law the widow of his son Phinehas to mourn with them under their Bereavement and pray’d with them.  Went to Lieutenant Tainters to rejoice with them but was somewhat troubled to see Lieutenant’s Indifference about going down to Boston for his son.  I did not ‘light — but, hasten’d home and rode over to Mr. Martyn’s.  Mr. Morse preach’d his Lecture from 1 Cor. 6.11 — alas I was much too dull and heavy in my attendance! The Lord pardon it for Jesus’ sake! N.B. The Church then chose their Deacons.  Mr. Livermore[1] and Mr. Matthias Rice.  N.B. Mr. Morse’s wife with him.  I return’d at Eve.  N.B. Neighbour Benjamin How picks Apples in my Orchard to make my Cyder (this early) to the Halves.

[1]Jonathan Livermore.