August 14, 1747

1747 August 14 (Friday).  Deacon Meriam and Mr. James Whipple of Grafton here in their Way over to Mr. Martyn and want a Copy of the late Councils Result, and of divers important Votes which I got ready for them when they return’d.  N.B. Mr. Martyn accepts the Moderatorship. Continues to rain and mist till towards night. A Token of great Goodness from God! May we have Grace to make a proper Return! Sent Ebenezer with a Team to Deacon Newtons for six Bushels of Lime, which has stood there this Year or Two.  Mr. Williams brought us the first pidgeons which he has caught or which we have seen this Year. Ebenezer went to Deacon Newtons for 6 Bushels of Lime, repos’d there, but brings only one Bushel and half.