August 12, 1747

1747 August 12 (Wednesday).  Mr. Campbell of Oxford came, and made proposals about erecting a New Association.  Mr. Loring preach’d the Public Lecture on Acts 3.22. After Dinner, when I had invited the Association to my House next meeting I perceiv’d that it was mov’d by one and another that it was Mr. Marsh’s turn to preach — but I privately Signify’d to Mr. Loring that I should be dissatisfy’d if they Should impose Mr. Marsh upon me.  Mr. Loring consented that the Turn might proceed in the order in which it would if Mr. Marsh was absent — viz. Mr. Loring and Mr. Millen to perform the Exercises, and thus it was left without any formal Act or Vote. Mr. Loring, Stone, Goss, Smith, Martyn and I rode together after meeting to Mr. Martyns. After I came home there arose a great storm of Thunder and Lightning with some Rain.  One Flash of Lightning exceeding Sharp, as we sat in the Kitchen after Evening Prayer — it came in among us as if very near indeed — but through divine mercy did no Hurt. N.B. Ebenezer finish’d Mowing to Day.