June 18, 1747

1747 June 18 (Thursday).  Expected Mr. Barrett to preach a Lecture for me to my young people but he did not come.  I preach’d my Self on Ps. 109.4, latter part; and do beg it may have Effect, both on my heart and the Audience!  N.B. Neighbour Jonathan Rogers kill’d a Calf for me this morning.  Captain Warrin and Neighbour How a Quarter apiece, Neighbour Chamberlin and Neighbour Cook a Quarter between them.  N.B. after Lecture Captain Warrin, Messrs. Whitney, Abner Newton, Batherick and a number more stopp’d at my Barn and drawed up the Joints which were out to place, and pinn’d them and sett up shores to keep it from wrecking any more.  N.B. To my great sorrow heard the Storys confirm’d of Mr. Prentice beating his Wife again; Ensign Pratt[1] of Grafton being here: who likewise desir’d me to desist with Mr. Ebenezer Rice’s request for special Privileges, till he could talk with him a little.  Mr. Jenison supp’d with me, and he attended Two Marriages here this Evening, viz. Mr. Tomlins[2] and James Miller[3] junior’s.  N.B. Mr. Jenison pray’d after the Covenant was administer’d to the last Couple.

[1]Phinehas Pratt.

[2]Hezekiah Tomlin married Martha Maynard.

[3]Miller married Elizabeth, the daughter of Samuel Hardy.