June 17, 1747

1747 June 17 (Wednesday).  Mr. Swift, Mr. Bliss[1] and Mr. Minot[2] came to Ministerial Meeting.  Mr. Seccomb preach’d a Savoury and moving Sermon upon John 4.41.42.  It seems indeed to have been Compos’d in A Strain which many would Term New-Light, but there was not much ground, if any at all for any one to make Exception.  But I saw plainly that it did not go down well with Some Gentlemen.  I am heartily sorry that there are any Remains of the Bitter root among us.  I returned by Marlborough home.

[1]Daniel Bliss of Concord.

[2]Timothy Minot (Harvard 1718) was a Concord schoolmaster who preached occasionally in a number of towns.  Sibley, VI, 257-258.