June 11, 1747

1747 June 11 (Thursday).  Was at Mr. Fessendens who tells me that our Claim upon Esquire Lee’s Estate is allow’d by the Judge, but the Administrator has not made up his Accounts yet.  Broke fast at Mr. Maccartys with Mr. Gray and his Delegates, Mr. Bridge, Messrs. Newman and Thomas Greenough.  I return’d home before we din’d.  N.B. Mr. David Braynard, Missionary to the Indians on the Forks of Delaware under an ill habit of Body journeying for his Health was here and din’d with me, together with Miss Jerusha Edwards[1] of Northampton.  Mr. Braynard gave me an account of the origin of his mission and the success of it.  To the glory and Honour of the Great Author of all Goodness and Mercy!  N.B. Noah How[2] with Ebenezer Digging a Drain from my home Meadow into the Barns Swamp.  Ebenezer Mow’d the Garden and fore yard.

[1]The daughter of the Reverend Jonathan Edwards.  She was betrothed to David Brainerd, the Indian missionary.

[2]Son of neighbour Hezekiah Howe.