March 24, 1747

1747 March 24 (Tuesday).  Rainy Still.  Attended the Catechetical Exercise to young Women but there were So few that came (only 6 besides my own Girls) that we went not to the meeting House.  I discours’d to them next to Extemporarily on the Moral Law, the 10 Commandments, in general the manner of God’s delivering them etc., for I hardly expected anybody to come [in] such wet Weather.  N.B. I hear that Eliezer Rice went out of meeting last Lords Day as soon as first prayer was over — because it was Mr. Martyn, and I hear that Mr. Jenison instead of preaching last Sabbath at Mr. Jones’s[1] (of Marlborough) as he has been wont of late, chang’d with Mr. Goss.[2]

[1]Samuel Jones.

[2]The Reverend Thomas Goss of Bolton.