March 9, 1747

1747 March 9 (Monday).  A.M. at Mr. Whipples and got him to come and kill a Calf of 7 weeks old for me, and he din’d with me, as did Mr. Prentice of Grafton who came down to see me under his heavy Burdens.  He freely tells me that now he can have no Thoughts of tarrying in Grafton. Their Church is to meet tomorrow and he thinks he must ask a Dismission: his wife having been to hear Mr. Solomon Pain; and last Saturday Morning declar’d for the Separation.  N.B. Mr. Samuel Forbush of Upton here and Examin’d in order to his owning the Covenant. Mr. Daniel Fisk also of Upton here and carry’d off the Pork which he bought of me.