February 27, 1747

1747 February 27 (Friday).  In the Morning When Mr. Prentice came, we were much retarded about our Result, by the happy Effect which our Endeavours had met with in him: for he was Convinc’d of his Errors and Misconduct and was ready to come into some Retractions.  We (the Ministers) all went out among the people (who waited all Day for our Result) to see how they were temper’d towards Mr. Prentice — but there was some Number that would not consent to receive him again as a Minister, though they would as a Brother.  P.M. we drew up our Result and at Eve the Scribe read it.  Mr. Stone concluded with prayer and after a little stop at Mr. Prentice’s with his wife, we rode home.  N.B. we were so belated by the bad riding that we call’d at Captain Fays.  There was Mr. Solomon Pain[1] — but we didn’t know him till after he  was gone out of the Room and (I suppose) to Bed.  Through Divine Goodness I got home safe — but my wife has had a bad Turn — and has been ill ever since I went away.  Mr. McCarty has been here in his Journey from Worcester to Boston.

[1]A preacher without a college education who became the minister of the North Society in Canterbury, Conn.