February 25, 1747

1747 February 25 (Wednesday).  Though we were adjourn’d to 8 a.m. yet no Business was done till noon.  Mr. Hall came. We sent messages to the five Separating Brethren praying ‘em to let us Speak with them: viz. to Messrs. Jacob and Joseph Whipple, Joseph Goodell, Nehemiah Batchelor and Thomas Axtell.  N.B. The Church Sent to them — and our messages accompany’d Theirs. Only the first and the last came, viz. Jacob Whipple and Thomas Axtell, and with them we had Some considerable Discourse, but I Suppose to be little Effect.  Josiah Lyon also appear’d and our Conference with him was drawn out to Considerable Length. They judg’d the very Ground work and gathering of the Church in Grafton was not according to the Gospel. They Vindicated the Doctrine of Knowledge of one another by the union of Love etc. etc.  Not to bed till very late.