February 22, 1747

1747 February 22 (Sunday).  On the occasion of the Baptism of my Infant I preach’d on 1 Chron. 29.19.  I would earnestly Sett myself to the Great Work of renewing the Covenent with the Glorious God: and infinite Thanks are due to Him that I may have this Honour and Privilege.  O that God would grant Me a Perfect Heart in all I undertake! in Special in the Work now incumbent — and I beseech God to grant to each of my Children graciously given to Me, a perfect Heart also: in a particular Manner to the Child we this Day dedicate to Him by the Name of Alexander, In Commemoration of my Mothers Father, and my youngest Brother.  N.B. After Sermon p.m. I read the Act of the General Court against profane Cursing and Swearing.