February 17, 1747

1747 February 17 (Tuesday).  A mustering there was in the Night, but my Wife grew Easy again and I saw her in the Morning.  But her pains returning I retir’d.  God almighty most gracious and mercifull be pleas’d to extend His Pity and Help! About 7 o’Clock a.m. a Fourth living Son was born, and my wife liv’d through it and becomes Comfortable through the tender Mercy and Goodness of God — to whom be all Honour, praise and Glory! The women broke fast with me — and the morning being pleasant — divers of them walk’d home others rode.  Mrs. Forbush Stay’d and din’d.  Eli and Asaph went to Captain Forbushs yesterday but today return’d and din’d with us.  Mr. Jenison did not return’d [sic] from where he preach’d last Sabbath till late this forenoon.  P.M. Brother Hicks happen’d to come from Sutton on purpose to see and lodg’d here.  N.B. Mrs. Forbush went home p.m. and would take no pay.  N.B. Child the Glazier here and I paid him all.  N.B. Mr. Jenison supp’d with me.  N.B. Sad Thieving of Cattle and sheep of late by Jonathan Willard[1] and [blank] Cutting[2] of Shrewsbury.

[1]This man, presumed to be a descendant of the distinguished Major Simon Willard of Lancaster, later moved to Greenfield.  See Ward, Shrewsbury, pp. 477-478.

[2]Several persons of this name were then living in Shrewsbury.