February 16, 1747

1747 February 16 (Monday).  Rainy, as it was all night.  My wife very full of pain.  This Morning I sent Ebenezer for Mrs. Forbush.[1]  Eli was not here last night but came in the forenoon.  Asaph recited to me there being no Schoolmaster.  P.M. they were both dismiss’d and they went to Captain Forbush’s.  A Number of Women here.  Mrs. Hephzibah Maynard and her sons wife, Mrs. How, Mr. David Maynards wife and his Brother Ebenezers, Captain Forbush’s and Mr. Richard Barns’s.  My son Ebenezer went for the most of them.  At night I resign my Dear Spouse to the infinite Compassions, allsufficiency and sovereign pleasure of God and under God to the good Women that are with her, waiting Humbly the Event.

[1]Granny Forbush often served as midwife.