February 2, 1747

1747 February 2 (Monday).  Snowy, but it was not Cold.  I went over to Mr. Abner Newtons[1] and made my way clear about taking up the Land, which we were talking of last Friday.  Who was free that I should do what I would with it.  Neighbour Stephen Fay had been there and was gone to Southborough to Lieutenant Wards.  I immediately follow’d him though the Snow was deep.  I committed my Plott of 7 acres to Neighbour Stephen to be carry’d into the proprietors meeting to Day; and Lieutenant consenting, the other affair of the 4 acres was left with them to Lieutenant to prepare the Plott and to carry it to the meeting — upon which I return’d home.  And ‘twas well I did for the Storm prevailing very much.  I went as soon as I had din’d (Mr. Whitney dining with us) to Neighbour Hows and paid him for Rights in Commons which I had before agreed with him for — viz. 3£ old tenor.  The Storm was very great.  Wind blew the Snow very much and when it clear’d away towards Eve it was very Cold and high gusts of Wind through the Night.  My wife so near her Time that I was full of Concern but we rest’d (through Divine Goodness and protection) in Safety.

[1]Son of Thomas Newton.