February 1, 1747

1747 February 1 (Sunday).  I had so mislaid the first Leaf of the sermon which I design’d for the forenoon that I was not able to find it when people were coming to meeting, So that I was oblig’d to take up an old sermon and go to meeting.  It was that on Eph. 1.4.  On Election.  P.M. I found the Leaf I had mislaid and preach’d on Dan. 2.35 last Clause.  Captain Tainter[1] of Watertown and his Brother the Lieutenant[2] din’d here together with Mr. Jenison.  N.B. people came, many of them upon Ratchetts[3] to Meeting.

[1]John Tainter.

[2]Deacon Simon Tainter of Westborough.

[3]Racket, a word used for snow shoe.