August 2, 1746

1746 August 2 (Saturday).  Bright good Day. The Rye Cutt yesterday to be turn’d and taken up.  Considerable Hay lies in swarth at the Meadow — and what to be reap’d So that I have no little Care upon me to interrupt me though I can do none of the Labour.  Cattle and Hoggs often breaking in. How many Times my Soul is oppress’d in this manner!

August 3, 1746

1746 August 3 (Sunday).  A.M. on Micah 6.2.  P.M. on Ps. 145.17, and under this Text us’d Collections from Mr. Charnock,[1] made Some years agoe; and in the remainder of the Exercise repeated Several passages from sermon on Gen. 18.25, page 7 to 12.

[1]Stephen Charnock (1628-1680) was a famous English non-conformist minister, whose writings were published posthumously.  [Edward Veal and Richard Adams, editors].  The Works of the Late Learned Divine Stephen Charnock (London, 1683-1684).

August 5, 1746

1746 August 5 (Tuesday).  P.M. rode over to Mr. Martyn’s — the morning being Cloudy — but neither Mr. Martyn nor his wife at Home.  Their Daughter said they were gone to Mr. Matthias Rice’s — upon which I went there to meet with them but in vain, they were not there.  Therefore I return’d home without seeing either of them.

August 9, 1746

1746 August 9 (Saturday).  Mr. Chamberlin help’d Ebenezer get home a Load of Hay from the Meadow, and Ebenezer him a Load from his.  P.M. Abraham Batchellor and Noah How mow’d for me in my Meadow. Ebenezer and Thomme a Load in from the Low Ground at Home.  Thunder Storm arose partly over us and the Lightning very terrible, but bore away to North East and East.

August 10, 1746

1746 August 10 (Sunday).  On Habak. 3.17.18, and p.m. Repeated from Ps. 145.17, latter part of Sermon on Gen. 18.25, from page 12 to 18. Mr. Jenison din’d here.  N.B. Mr. Thaddeus Gale came to me and acquainted me with the wonderfull Mercy and Goodness of God in preserving him when Struck down by the Lightning yesterday.  It pass’d under him and plough’d the Ground for more than a Rod, yet was he unhurt.

August 11, 1746

1746 August 11 (Monday).  Ebenezer to the Meadow — Thomme at Home.  Rode to Mr. Cooks, Captain Warrins, and then visited Mr. Amsdens[1] Family, So marvellously preserv’d last Saturday in Time of most awful Thunder and Lightning.  The Effect very noticeable — a Furrow in the Ground of 30 feet — the Boards of their Bee House Shiver’d and plough’d — one Hive Split — Two of the Posts of the Bee House Splitt also — one of them from Top to Bottom etc.  May God sanctifie his providence to them!  May we all Truly Fear this Great Omnipotent Being and be ever ready for His Will.  Mr. Martyn and his Daughter here p.m.  N.B. our Conversation about the Ministerial Rights, he told me that he was not willing to make a formal Quit Claim, because he fear’d it would displease his mother and bring upon him the Odium of his Friends in his precinct; but that I might rest Easy for that he Should never Disturb me in the Improvement of them but we spoke especially with regard to the Meadow.

[1]Isaac Amsden of Westborough.

August 14, 1746

1746 August 14 (Thursday).  Thanksgiving on account of the Suppression of the Rebellion in Scotland.  May God prepare our Hearts! Honourable Colonel Chandler coming from Boston and bound for Worcester came in the morning — was at meeting with us and din’d with me.  I preach’d on Ps. 132.16. May God accept our Offering! and bless His Holy Word to His People! N.B. Having Sung 100th Psalm Tune and Com’t Tune, and not willing to Sing either of them again, I propos’d and Set 100 New, or Anthem.  Colonel towards Eve went to Worcester. News of the King of Spains Death.

August 15, 1746

1746 August 15 (Friday).  Cloudy a.m. — but not raining to hinder, Ebenezer to the Meadow.  More sorrowfull News from No. 4 that besides 2 men Shot by the Indians, one at No. 4 another at Northfield our Troopers Horses most of them kill’d.  Mrs. Caruth and her son here and din’d with us: Mrs. Hayward[1] and Mrs. Billings,[2] all of them want their Dismissions from our Church.  Towards Evening with Joy (viz. Mr. Ebenezer Phillips of Southborough) I saw a Number of our Westborough Troopers return from No. 4 — but on foot, their Horses being of them that were lost in the late Encounter.  They handed me a paper containing an Account of Several Particulars — which I Soon copy’d — and afterwards Sent Mr. Kneeland.[3]

[1]Mrs. Simon Hayward.

[2]Mrs. Thomas Billings.

[3]Samuel Kneeland, the printer at Boston, and publisher with Timothy Green, Jr., of The Boston Gazette or Weekly Journal.

August 17, 1746

1746 August 17 (Sunday).  On Consideration of the Singular Mercy and Goodness of God to Such a Number of my nearest Neighbours, in Sparing them in the late Engagement against the Indians at No. 4, and not having been able seasonably to finish my propos’d preparations I repeat’d a. and p.m. Sermon on Ps. 68.20.  The widow Woods din’d with us. N.B. Neighbour How and his son Daniel Sick of Fever and Flux.

August 19, 1746

1746 August 19 (Tuesday).  A very rainy Time.  Yet Mr. Cushing and Morse being come I rode to the Meeting of the Ministers at Southborough.  But there were no more than Two come Besides — Messrs. Barrett and Smith.  N.B. I intimated that we had been too Partial in the late Times; particularly against Mr. Whitefield — this Somewhat rais’d Mr. Barrett and Mr. Smith.  This produc’d a Challenge to me to show if I were able any one Instance — with Impatience they heard me read an Extract from Bishop Halls Meditations and Vows,[1] wherein he calls an Evil Man half a Beast and half a Devil, page 35 Folio Edition. N.B. Mr. Morse ask’d advice touching their Ministerial Lands — viz. what was his Duty now that his precinct had seiz’d upon them and sold them.  I ask’d their Advice also, respecting the Dismission of our North-precinct sisters who had been delinquent, and some of them frequently absent from the Communion but not Sent their requests to have their Relation transferr’d to the Second Church.  N.B. Mr. Smith Concio from John 8.12.

[1]Joseph Hall, successively Bishop of Exeter and Norwich wrote Mediation and Vowes, Divine and Morall (London, 1609).  It appeared also as Newly Enlarged with 10 Vows and Meditations (London, 1609).  Still another enlarged edition was published in 1621.

August 20, 1746

1746 August 20 (Wednesday).  Mr. Loring came. Mr. Morse preach’d on Ps. 144.15.  N.B. Mr. Loring has lately been at Worcester and convers’d freely with New-Light People and he is wondrous Charitable respecting them, and in his Trial fears that under the Notion of New-Light all true Religion is in Danger of being exploded — An Enigma of the Devil!  says he.

August 21, 1746

1746 August 21 (Thursday).  Mr. Martyn din’d with me and preach’d my Lecture on Ps. 63.8 — an Excellent Discourse!  I pray God to bless it to me and all that heard it. I stopp’d the Church after Lecture and obtain’d a Vote for the Dismission of 12 North-side sisters. N.B. Mr. Wheeler, Daniel Hardy and David Maynard junior were against it and some others did not Vote for it.

August 24, 1746

1746 August 24 (Sunday).  Sacrament. I preach’d a.m. on Luke 24.46.  P.M. on Habac. 3.17.18. Mr. Benjamin Rugg of Northfield din’d with us.  Captain Fay absent from Dinner. P.M. Mrs. Whitney cry’d out in the middst of the sermon. I pray’d her to be as compos’d as possible; and she was not long a Disturbance.  At the Evening I was at the Funeral of a Child of Mr. Cook (his Lydia) which dy’d of the Fever and Flux. This Distemper begins to Spread among us; one of Mr. Barns’s Children also is Dead.  The Lord prepare His People for His holy Will!

August 25, 1746

1746 August 25 (Monday).  My wife and son Ebenezer undertake their Journey to New-Haven.  Ebenezer setts out presently after Dinner to get some Things in order at Mr. Parkers in Shrewsbury, but my wife tarrys a while, till I go to the Burial of Mr. Barns’s Child which is one of his Twins: — and behold the other Twin is also deceas’d, and they bury both in one Coffin!  Mrs. Barns is also ill and another Child. Mr. Cook and Several of his Children are sick. Some other Familys are visited. May God be mercifull to us in a Day of Such Distress! As to my wife, she set out after 3 o’Clock and propos’d to lodge at Worcester tonight; Dr. Breck and his Wife to be Company as far as Mr. Devotions in Windham.  May they have a prosperous Journey by the will of God! N.B. Abraham Batchellor help [sic] Thomme get up a Load of Hay from the Swamp, which was the Finishing Load.

August 27, 1746

1746 August 27 (Wednesday).  Went to the Funeral of Mr. Cooks little Daughter; and such was the will of God his little son Solomon is dead also!  Deacon Newton and some others seem desirous to have ‘em both bury’d to Day, though the latter dy’d but this morning.  It was, however, deferr’d till tomorrow when they Saw that I was not free to Countenance it.  It might soon have caus’d evil Report of Mr. Cook that he Should so soon hurry his Children into the Grave, as if having many of them and being an odd man he was afraid they should come to life again.  I visited Mr. Barns’s, as I have been also at Neighbour Rogers’s, where there are Two Children sick; and Neighbour Hows, where most of them are out of Case: but especially their grandson Jonathan.  N.B. Last night there was a Third Frost, and in Some places more destructive than the preceeding.  N.B. Deacon Moore[1] of Worcester din’d with me.  He had been to Mr. Stone to see whether he could not administer the Lords Supper to them but he is design’d for Harwich.

[1]Nathaniel Moore, an early settler, was often elected selectman.

August 29, 1746

1746 August 29 (Friday).  A very Wet stormy Day again. This Day was appoint’d for a Fast at the Widow Rice’s at Hopkinton on account of her youngest son, Samuel Whood, who has a grievous sore in the lower part of his Back, has lain long and is thought to be consuming away.  Mr. Barrett has sent also to Mr. Stone to assist him with me. I walk’d to Mr. Williams’s afternoon. He had offer’d me his Horse to go to the Fast. I rode over. Mr. Stone in his last prayer of the former Exercise. Mr. Barrett was not return’d from Boston.  I carry’d on the Latter Exercise: preach’d on Isa. 38.2.3. The poor young man very grievously afflicted, and in a Dangerous Condition. The Lord accept our Offering! I return’d at Eve to my Family.

August 30, 1746

1746 August 30 (Saturday).  At the Funeral of Captain Warrins youngest Child.  My Daughter Molly ill and full of pain. Ever since Wednesday Night. She seems to have the Same Distemper with my Neighbours.  N.B. I was at Neighbour Ebenezer Maynards in the morning and pray’d with his wife who is Sick also. Neighbour Rogers’s Betty dy’d last night.

August 30, 1746

1746 August 30 (Saturday).  At the Funeral of Captain Warrins youngest Child.  My Daughter Molly ill and full of pain. Ever since Wednesday Night. She seems to have the Same Distemper with my Neighbours.  N.B. I was at Neighbour Ebenezer Maynards in the morning and pray’d with his wife who is Sick also. Neighbour Rogers’s Betty dy’d last night.

August 31, 1746

1746 August 31 (Sunday).  Could not prepare my Discourse design’d for to day, by means of my many Hindrances all the Week long.  Preach’d on Rev. 6.8 a.m. without any material Alteration except a few Passages omitted, respecting the Distemper.  P.M. On Eph. 5.6. A great deal of the Beginning without more writing than a few broken Hints; the body of the sermon was from Page 19 to 28 of sermon on Eph. 2.3, latter part.  O that God might sett home on the Hearts of all, especially on Children those fervence Exercises! Mr. Jenison din’d with me. At noon the Church was Stopp’d to lay before them the Consideration of a Day of Fasting and Prayer in this gloomy Time.  They freely and readily came into it and seem’d glad of it. A Vote pass’d and Thursday next (by Divine Leave) appointed herefor. After sermon p.m. I recommended the Same to the Congregation and published the Church’s Vote and Purpose. And O that God would please to prepare all our Hearts thereunto!  At Eve I attended upon the Funeral of Neighbour John Rogers’s Daughter Betty. Rainy Evening. N.B. Ebenezer Maynard went to Dr. Gott for his wife and brought physick for Molly which she took.