July 17, 1746

1746 July 17 (Thursday).  Thomas and Ebenezer went to the Meadow.  I walk’d down to Captain Maynards to see what he had done in pressing Men.  He told me he had press’d several men but that one of them had paid his money; and therefore he Sees no way but that Thomas must go.  So difficult as it was with reference to Cutting my Meadow, I resign’d the Affair — return’d soon, din’d, and Sent Thomas Word to come Home.  I hasten’d to Mrs. Joslins[1] where I had appointed to Catechize.  She was troubled and disappointed that I did not dine there.  Thirteen Children was my whole Company — but I hope they will increase both in Numbers and Qualifications.  Visited old Mr. Garfield[2] who had been Sick — and return’d home a little after Sundown.  Thomas came home at noon Time, and is gone to Grafton to prepare to go away to the Colonel’s tomorrow.

[1]Mrs. Joseph Joslin.

[2]Benjamin Garfield.