July 7, 1746

1746 July 7 (Monday).  Lieutenant Hezekiah Ward, surveyor, came at my request to look up the Bounds of the Ministerial Meadow.  Warn’d Mr. David Maynard junior, Eliezer Rice and James Maynard of it, and they each of them attended upon it.  Heavy rains beat us off when we had Spent but about one Hour.  We retir’d to Dinner: and met again p.m. At about 1/4 after 3 we finish’d the Lines of the 10 Acres, and with some Conversation upon the 3 Corner’d piece laid on upon the South Line towards the Spring of Water; and the northeast Line taking in Some of what Mr. Maynard has been wont to mow, we parted.  A Storm of Thunder, Lightning and Rain arose before Night.  N.B. Lieutenant ask’d me 20 shillings for his work.  Without Saying much to him he took up with 14.  Mr. Whittlesey[1] of Wallingford and Mr. Williams (junior)[2] of Longmeadow here whilst I was at the Meadow.  Mr. Jenison keeps school again.  Molly return’d Pamela volume I to Colonel Chandler by Mrs. Lucy Stearns.

[1]Reverend Samuel Whittelsey (Yale 1705), the minister of Wallingford, 1708-1752.  Dexter, Biographical Sketches, pp. 40-44.

[2]Stephen Williams, Jr. (Yale 1741), later the minister of West Woodstock, 1747-1795.  Dexter, Biographical Sketches, pp. 695-696.