July 4, 1746

1746 July 4 (Friday).  My Sister rode Home with me.  We Stopp’d at Mrs. Bekky Walkers, at Dr. Robys[1] and at Wards Tavern.  Got up somewhat after 2 p.m., they having din’d but little before.  N.B. John Hicks junior and Mrs. Molly Whittemore here before us.  They went to Sutton. After them came Dr. Breck and Mr. Colton[2] Schoolmaster at Springfield, who at Eve proceeded to Worcester.  N.B. Both Companys of Foot together this Afternoon.  Lieutenant Hezekiah Ward beats up for Volunteers.  Thomas Winchester trains p.m.  N.B. Mr. Hastings[3] of Shrewsbury and Mr. Sparhawk[4] of Sutton in Company.

[1]Ebenezer Roby, the physician of Sudbury.

[2]Jonathan Colton (Yale 1745) was later the missionary for the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel for Hebron and vicinity.  Dexter, Biographical Sketches, II, 35-36.

[3]Daniel Hastings.

[4]Joseph Sparhawk.