June 21, 1746

1746 June 21 (Saturday).  About 10 o’Clock at night comes Mr. Thomas Marsh[1] from College to request me to go to Worcester to preach in Mr. Stevens’s[2] Stead.  The Circumstances of the Case being Singular (as he related the matter with regard to both Mr. Steven and himself) — though he had undertaken to come, yet it was only to Exchange with Some Neighbouring Ministers, and if I could not he must go to Mr. Cushing or somebody for he could not preach there himself.  I told him Mr. Cushing preach’d there but last Sabbath and Especially I know Mr. Cushing could not go because it was his (appointed) Sacrament.  As to his being so late in his Journey, the President and Fellows sat upon an affair of some Difficulty till one o’Clock, and after that he had to dine.  I at length consented to go, and

[1](Harvard 1731).  Tutor of Harvard College.  Sibley, IX, 67-70.

[2]Benjamin Stevens (Harvard 1740) was later minister of Kittery, Me., 1751-1791.  Sibley, X, 535-539.