June 9, 1746

1746 June 9 (Monday).  Noah Forbush[1] here who gives me a distinct account of the Skirmish with the Indians at No. 4 last Saturday was fortnight when 5 Englishmen were kill’d, one wounded, and one carry’d away Captive.  N.B. Noah was in the hottest Engagement, and broke through the Indians though in a Lane, and 70 Rod from the Fort.  So memorable the Goodness of God towards him that he got in Safe.[2]  N.B. Though the Thunder last Saturday was So Moderate here, yet at Mr. Joseph Wheelers an Horse was kill’d.  Training of the South Company and I din’d with the Officers at Captain Fays.[3]

[1]Son of Aaron Forbush of Westborough.

[2]“We hear from No. 4. of the Narragansett-Townships, that on the 24th of May past, four Men were killed by the Indians; another was dangerously wounded, and two more are missing. . . .”  The Boston Weekly News-Letter, June 5, 1746.

[3]John Fay, a deacon of the Westborough church.

June 10, 1746

1746 June 10 (Tuesday).  Rainy. My Cattle grow very troublesome by breaking in upon my Corn, whilst Ebenezer and Thomme were gone a fishing.  Mr. Eliezer Rice hobbled my Ox which was the Ringleader in the Mischief. At Eve Mr. Ebenezer Rice here and whilst he wants Privileges in the Church discovers to me the great Disadvantage his Character had been brought under by Lydia Pratt of Grafton.

June 13, 1746

1746 June 13 (Friday).  James White and Robert Cook[1] here; they with Some others going out to the Frontiers.  May the Lord Sanctifie them and protect them.  Thomas Winchester here at Evening to desire he may not begin with me at the Time agreed for, but may take Care of Mr. Abraham Temple’s[2] Work and Affairs for a while, he being come out in the Troop, to the Frontiers.  Out of compassion therefore I yielded to a Weeks Delay.

[1]Son of Cornelius Cook of Westborough.

[2]Of Marlborough.

June 14, 1746

1746 June 14 (Saturday).  The Sow missing yesterday and this morning — at length found by the Side of a great Pine Logg in the Hill, with Ten Piggs.  P.M. a Storm of Thunder and rain: but bore away to the South, and south East. Reverend Mr. Smith here requesting me to go to Worcester in his Stead, but I could not well go.  He proceeded to Shrewsbury.

June 17, 1746

1746 June 17 (Tuesday).  My Wife and I were purposing to Visit Mr. Martyn and his, but Mr. Buckminster[1] with his spouse came a.m. and din’d with us, but we prosecuted our Design.  At Mr. Martyns were Mr. Goss[2] and his Wife, and Mr. Martyns Landlord and Landlady Sawyer.  I beg of God that the Correspondence which I now settle may be for his Glory and our mutual good, and that of the Societys respectively under our Care!  At Eve when we return’d home my wife was ill, and full of Pain.

[1]Reverend Joseph Buckminister [that is, Buckminster], minister of the First Congregational Church in Rutland.

[2]The Reverend Thomas Goss of Bolton.

June 19, 1746

1746 June 19 (Thursday).  Preach’d at Shrewsbury Lecture on Rom. 6.13. Yield yourself to God.  N.B. Not many at meeting.  There was a Training yesterday and another to be tomorrow — besides that it was good weather for Business after much hindrance by the late Rains.  N.B. Captain Caleb Johnsons[1] House was greatly wreck’d by the Thunder Yesterday Morning and the Lives of the Family marvellously Spar’d.  N.B. Lieutenant Stone[2] came to Speak with me about my Letter, lately Sent to Mr. Cushing in which it was Suppos’d I severely check’d the Young Society there for their undutifulness to their pastor.  I had prepar’d an Answer and deliver’d it by Lieutenant’s Hands.  At Eve when I return’d to my own House I found there Mr. Elisha Whittlesey of Wallingford and Mrs. Sara Noyes[3] of New Haven who lodg’d here.

[1]Of Shrewsbury.  Ward, Shrewsbury, p. 336.

[2]Isaac Stone was at one time selectman of Shrewsbury.

[3]Wife of the Reverend Joseph Noyes of New Haven.

June 21, 1746

1746 June 21 (Saturday).  About 10 o’Clock at night comes Mr. Thomas Marsh[1] from College to request me to go to Worcester to preach in Mr. Stevens’s[2] Stead.  The Circumstances of the Case being Singular (as he related the matter with regard to both Mr. Steven and himself) — though he had undertaken to come, yet it was only to Exchange with Some Neighbouring Ministers, and if I could not he must go to Mr. Cushing or somebody for he could not preach there himself.  I told him Mr. Cushing preach’d there but last Sabbath and Especially I know Mr. Cushing could not go because it was his (appointed) Sacrament.  As to his being so late in his Journey, the President and Fellows sat upon an affair of some Difficulty till one o’Clock, and after that he had to dine.  I at length consented to go, and

[1](Harvard 1731).  Tutor of Harvard College.  Sibley, IX, 67-70.

[2]Benjamin Stevens (Harvard 1740) was later minister of Kittery, Me., 1751-1791.  Sibley, X, 535-539.

June 22, 1746

1746 June 22 (Sunday).  In the morning I rose so Early as to ride a mile from home before sunrise. Got to Worcester about 7 o’Clock.  Preach’d all Day on Gal. 2.20. N.B. Colonel Chandler, who came up last night, confirms the News which Mr. Marsh brought that the Duke of Cumberland is Slain in Battle against the Rebells at Inverness.  Din’d at the Colonel’s. Supp’d at Dr. Brecks. Rode back to Mr. Cushings at Eve and lodg’d there.

June 23, 1746

1746 June 23 (Monday).  Home Early. Mr. Marsh not gone.  Thomas Winchester was to have come but did not till nigh noon, and I had sent the Oxen home which I had order’d to be got together to cross our Ground by the Settle.  It prov’d Rainy also, So that Thomas could do but little today. Pamela which Colonel Chandler lent to Molly.

June 25, 1746

1746 June 25 (Wednesday).  Thomas and Ebenezer Hoaing and Mowing.  They finish’d the Second.  The first good Day for Hay that has come.  I visited Lieutenant Tainter[1] and his Family in their Distress for Benjamin, who, as they conclude, is carry’d away Captive by the Indians.  Captain Maynard brought old Christian (Squab Widow of George Misco) from Grafton to dwell at his House.  Frequently bad news respecting our poor Englishmens Sufferings in the Indian Wars.  We hear of another Skirmish at No. 4, and that a Trooper Shot himself with his own Pistol.  Lieutenant Hezekiah Ward here at Evening.

[1]Deacon Simon Tainter.  [Correction: Tainter was not elected deacon until 1757.]


June 29, 1746

1746 June 29 (Sunday).  On 2 Tim. 2.3, a. and p.m. N.B. Lieutenant Tainter receiv’d a Letter from Aaron Warrin at Fort Pelham informing and Certifying of the onsett of the Indians on Hoosuck or Massachusetts Fort, and killing or carrying away Benjamin Tainter.  N.B. Captain Thomas Steel, one that has Beating Orders for Canada, at meeting here.