August 14, 1745

1745 August 14 (Wednesday).  A Number of us went with Mr. Seccomb to his Island[1] with great pleasure.  Mr. Stone deliver’d an Excellent Sermon at the Public Lecture on Tit. 2.14.  N.B. Our Conversation on a Certain Meeting propos’d by some ministers to be at Boston September next to subscribe the Confession of Faith; but we determin’d nothing, unless to let it very much alone — wait and see.  Mr. Barrett my Company to Marlborough.  Supp’d at his Kinsman Barretts.  Home late.

[1]Rev. Mr. Seccomb “built a substantial summer cottage, as a place of pleasant resort,” on Grape Island in Bare Hill Pond. Henry S. Nourse, History of the Town of Harvard (Harvard, 1894), 187.