August 13, 1745

1745 August 13 (Tuesday).  I rode to Harvard Association, by Marlborough.  Was at Mr. Smiths Early, but he refus’d to go, though he was at the appointment of the Meeting and was himself the appointed Lecturer; his main Objection was rais’d from this, that Mr. Seccomb[1] had ask’d Mr. Whitefield to preach, and he had accordingly preach’d at Harvard.  But though Mr. Smith and Several others were not there yet there was a considerable Number and Mr. Trowbridge[2] and his wife from Groton.  Concior absent Mr. Loring repeated a sermon on Eph. 5.25, last Clause, and gave himself for it among the Collections [?]. Mr. Stone’s seem’d to be so much in Favour of Crying out that I could not help making my Remarks on it, how differently it would have been taken from some others (Ex. gr. from me) if Such Collection had been brought by them.

[1]Rev. John Seccomb of Harvard.

[2]Rev. Caleb Trowbridge of Groton.