August 7, 1745

1745 August 7 (Wednesday).  My Little Daughter Sarah ill.  At Mr. Matthias Rice’s to talk with him about our North Precincts delaying to pay their £50 though I have waited upon them 3 months and paid Interest because of their Neglect.  He told me he would go to Lieutenant Holloway and Endeavour that he Should come and See me, or do what might serve me.  Was at Mr. Beemans[1] — at Levi Brighams, who has newly got to keeping House at old Mr. Brighams.  At Eve found Mr. Gay[2] of Suffield and his wife here, being on their Journey Home.  Brother Hicks here and his Son John from Cape Briton.

[1]Eleazer Beeman of Westborough.

[2]Rev. Ebenezer Gay, Jr. SHG 10:171-175.

August 8, 1745

1745 August 8 (Thursday).  The Company went off.  Thomas went to mowing at Mr. Beemans, but return’d without being able to do any thing the Waters were so high.  Neighbour Stephen Maynard here and gave me a Narrative of his Excursion in the public service at Fort Shirley and of the good Behaviour of their Captain (Ephraim Williams junior) towards them.  At Eve Mrs. Winchester here.

August 13, 1745

1745 August 13 (Tuesday).  I rode to Harvard Association, by Marlborough.  Was at Mr. Smiths Early, but he refus’d to go, though he was at the appointment of the Meeting and was himself the appointed Lecturer; his main Objection was rais’d from this, that Mr. Seccomb[1] had ask’d Mr. Whitefield to preach, and he had accordingly preach’d at Harvard.  But though Mr. Smith and Several others were not there yet there was a considerable Number and Mr. Trowbridge[2] and his wife from Groton.  Concior absent Mr. Loring repeated a sermon on Eph. 5.25, last Clause, and gave himself for it among the Collections [?]. Mr. Stone’s seem’d to be so much in Favour of Crying out that I could not help making my Remarks on it, how differently it would have been taken from some others (Ex. gr. from me) if Such Collection had been brought by them.

[1]Rev. John Seccomb of Harvard.

[2]Rev. Caleb Trowbridge of Groton.

August 14, 1745

1745 August 14 (Wednesday).  A Number of us went with Mr. Seccomb to his Island[1] with great pleasure.  Mr. Stone deliver’d an Excellent Sermon at the Public Lecture on Tit. 2.14.  N.B. Our Conversation on a Certain Meeting propos’d by some ministers to be at Boston September next to subscribe the Confession of Faith; but we determin’d nothing, unless to let it very much alone — wait and see.  Mr. Barrett my Company to Marlborough.  Supp’d at his Kinsman Barretts.  Home late.

[1]Rev. Mr. Seccomb “built a substantial summer cottage, as a place of pleasant resort,” on Grape Island in Bare Hill Pond. Henry S. Nourse, History of the Town of Harvard (Harvard, 1894), 187.

August 18, 1745

1745 August 18 (Sunday).  Rain in the Morning — but So held up afterwards that we had a Comfortable Day.  I preach’d on Isa. 25.9.  Mr. Nathaniel Parker[1] of Newton with us at Communion — and here at noon time but did not dine with us.  Deacon Fay and Deacon Forbush din’d here.  P.M. Repeated sermon on Luke 12.21.  Have great reason to mourn over my Dullness and want of Spiritual Taste etc.

[1]The proprietor of a saw mill.

August 19, 1745

1745 August 19 (Monday).  Mr. Parker of Newton here — his Discourse very much of one Bird,[1] a preacher among them.

[1]Samuel Bird was expelled from Harvard College, May 11, 1744, because he was “notoriously guilty of the most intollerable impudence, Arrogance and Contempt of Superiours, and especially of Ministers of the Gospel.”  He already had New-Light tendencies.  He came minister of Dunstable, 1747-1751, and later of the White Haven Church, New Haven, SHG 11:359-364,

August 21, 1745

1745 August 21 (Wednesday).  A.M. Captain Bass of Dorchester and Mr. Daniel Henshaw of Boston here.  Mr. Martyn also.  The last din’d and Spent the afternoon with me.  He told me that he draw the Last Petition which our North side put in to the Court, but he did not know how the Case was Circumstanced but as he took it from Lieutenant Holloways mouth.  We had some discourse of Changing after a while.

August 26, 1745

1745 August 26 (Monday).  I return’d from Hopkinton.  Thomas at my work again.  Mr. James Fays son James Sick.  N.B. Mr. Fay came yesterday to Westborough meeting a.m. but because Mr. Barrett preach’d he went to Grafton p.m. and desir’d prayers for his son there.  Noah How p.m. sealing my new Closet (or little study).  Mr. Thomas Hudson at Eve.

August 27, 1745

1745 August 27 (Tuesday).  Catechiz’d the Children a. and p.m. at the Meeting House.  Mr. Peabody[1] going to a Fast at Worcester din’d with me.  Noah How at work at my new Study still.  Mr. Whitney here to ask my Mind about Mr. Hales[2] preaching next week at some House on the Road as would best accommodate — to which I consented.  N.B. Mr. Ball and Mr. Wheeler here.  Ebenezer was ill, bad cold etc.

[1]Rev. Oliver Peabody of Natick.

[2]Rev. Moses Hale (HC 1734), later minister of the First Congregational Church of West Newbury, 1752-1779. SHG 9:407-408.