July 30, 1745

1745 July 30 (Tuesday).  Mr. Breck and his wife undertook their Journey.  My wife (favour’d with Mr. Benjamin Hows Horse) and I rode to Worcester with them — and we din’d at Dr. Brecks.  N.B. Mr. Fessenden[1] there after dinner.  P.M. We return’d, but tarried Some little Time at Colonel Chandlers and drank a Dish of Tea with Madam Chandler.[2]  She inform’d me that there were about 40 French persons old and Young dispos’d of in their Town.  Mr. Cushing So busy Carting Hay I Saw him not, either going or returning.  N.B. Mrs. Sarah Whipple took Care of our Sucking Child.

[1]Stephen Fessenden (HC 1737), the second lawyer to practice in Worcester. SHG 10:169.

[2]Wife of Col. John Chandler.