July 22, 1745

1745 July 22 (Monday).  Ebenezer having been somewhat poison’d by his working in the Meadow last week, goes not today with Thomas, but Reap’d Rye.  I rode to Marlborough to Mr. Woods and return’d their Occasional Paper 3 vols.  At Deacon Stevens’s and paid him 10 shillings for mending Lieutenant Tainters Chaise May 22 last.  I went to Mr. Smiths but he and his wife, old Mr. Loring and Sister Breck were gone down to Mr. Jonathan Lorings,[1] to dine there but I din’d at Dr. Gotts.  After Dinner the Doctor and I rode to Mr. Lorings.  They had not din’d.  I was oblig’d to Sit down with them Mr. Loring insisting, when as I had heard he was (though unreasonably) disgusted with me.  My Design in going to Marlborough was very much, this to wait on Sister Breck to our House, but she was not to be perswaded.  I return’d with Mr. Smith etc. to his House and thence home.

[1]Son of Rev. Israel Loring. Jonathan lived in Marlborough. Hudson, Marlborough, 410.