July 18, 1745

1745 July 18 (Thursday).  In the Singular good Providence of God Lieutenant Tainter this Morning Sent us a large Quarter of Lamb.  Otherwise we Should have been unprovided for any special Entertainment at our Table to Day, which was THANKSGIVING on Account of the late Success at Cape Briton, on which Occasion I preach’d on Isa.  N.B. Mr. Prentice and his wife went a while agoe along with Mr. Whitefield and his wife in their Journey to Northampton and are not return’d.  A Number of Grafton at Meeting with us.  Mr. John Collar and Deacon Cooper[1] and his wife din’d with us.  At the Request of our Young Men Some while Since I appointed a Lecture to them to be in about 2 Hours, which I attended and preach’d on Rom. 2.4, latter part.

[1]Samuel Cooper of Grafton.